The MOBILE SOCIAL AUDIO network where fans share up to 21 seconds of audio instantly with friends, favorite brands, personalities, artists, products, the soundmite network, and their social media...

It’s 24/7 non-stop interaction INSIDE your brand!

Unique "mite" Audio

Listeners, fans and followers grab the free soundmite app embed from their favourite website or app, for instant connect. The conversation starts instantly with the 21 second "mite" audio record... soundmiters just title and send to their chosen brand dash-board, their social friends, and soundmite network!
All INSIDE your Brand!

Custom BRAND Design

Soundmite lives inside your brand's app with custom logo design, and posts instantly on your brand's website and mobile app. "HEAT MAP" and database analytics track the vibe
as fans interact with in-the-moment audio!... and the conversation posts live to your unique channel curation dashboard.
It's GOOD to TALK!

Mites Responsive

The soundmite app or embed is fully responsive on desktop, tablet, and smartphone!
It's your instant connection to YOUR brand's Fans, Listeners, and followers, with updates, your brand audio connects,
favourite brand products,
deals, personality connects and more!

Fan Audio Talk, Share & Play App

Your brand's soundmite app or embed is where you and your FANS TALK and exchange 24/7. Your listeners, fans, personalities, viewers, sponsor and brand partners, are all inside YOUR environment. They instantly voice and share support and opinion! They have a DIRECT hook-up to YOUR BRAND at will on mobile 24/7, they can connect direct with your BRAND SPONSORS, they have an instant interaction around and with the artists and music that plays on-the-go 24/7.
Your soundmites create brand, product, and merchandise exclusives, and let YOUR FOLLOWERS plug their mites direct into their TWITTER and FACEBOOK social page!

Engaging responsive UI

Step inside soundmite's INTERACTIVE world! Wherever your FANS are, on mobile, with friends, at home, on the go, at the show, concert, or event, their voice instantly connects in real-time with their favourite brands, and friends for instant conversation and comment. Brand Music input and feedback is in the FAN's control too wherever they are! FANS can send a "mite" of the song they'd like to hear, buzz on a concert event, or an instant message to their favourite artist!... FANS make their music statement with soundmites!

The TALK never stops with soundmite

Wherever FANS are, soundmite is there. Talk it up. Talk it often. Sharp and tight... 21 seconds to say it. Post it. Play it. Respond. Repeat.

Some questions in mind?

As soon as FANS have registered through their favourite brand’s app, they're inside soundmite. They and their BRAND can create and send 21 SECOND audio messages and shout-outs whenever they want, 24/7. Every message goes direct to the brand, fellow fans and soundmite friends inside their environment and social pages. FANS can even post their message and audio direct to their social networks.
Now FANS, FRIENDS and BRANDS are talking and really being heard!
Soundmite protects fan information and privacy. Only your nominated BRAND has your details. Everything else is permission based, so we invite FANS to share in brand and product promotions only if they want to. FANS tell us, based on their product and lifestyle preferences, and we can give them the opportunity to share in their team's product partners, merchandise bonuses, and offers. It's up to the FAN!
Soundmite is a free product. Soundmite technology partners carry and distribute the audio and text files, FANS should check with their mobile carrier to see how they manage data on their cellphone and what their current data plans allow. Like all apps, soundmite is designed to manage and minimize impact on personal data plans and inventory.
Soundmite wants FANS and BRANDS to be heard wherever they are! FANS and BRANDS can easily blast their individual 21 second “mite” out to FACEBOOK or TWITTER to be heard by their social circle and following whenever they want.It's always the FAN's choice!


Soundmite’s founding team have vast digital experience across mobile, social media,
desktop and broadcast, working together on groundbreaking desktop applications at Skinkers Communications,
including the first version of BBC iPlayer Desktop.
The team have an extensive network within the global broadcast industry, including deep links with the BBC,
the wider radio industry and social media, including Twitter.

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For international business enquiries contact:
Lee Cornell
San Diego USA
Tel: USA +1 734 255-4894